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MediaGalleryPro™ is a cross-platform multimedia player that helps you organize, view, and categorize your stored movie files. It can also 1) View multiple videos at the same time, replace individual movies during playback, and save Playlists of your favorite films! ! Free Download


Watch Multiple Videos at once With MediaGalleryPro

Play 6 Videos at Once!
Meet MediaGalleryPro™, a cross-platform video player that doubles as an extremely efficient multimedia organizer. Its main features are ease of use and convenience, letting you watch up to 6 videos at the same time without making them appear choppy or lower quality.
It also provides all the standard functionality of an advanced multimedia player. If you are a fan of extreme compatibility offered by VLC, but don’t like the limited sorting options, MediaGalleryPro™ will become your new favorite player across all devices!
Organize Your Video Library
If you have a huge library of movies and videos that you want to organize, a typical media player will hardly help you make sense of all those files on your computer, laptop and mobile devices. Inevitably, all solutions offered by typical video players fail to meet your current needs.
Organizing multimedia in 2013 is no longer just about the videos you have on your computer. Nowadays, our media files span across the memory of several different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and even the files safely sealed away in the cloud storage for immediate access from anywhere in the world.
MediaGalleryPro™ is the only multimedia player that helps you set up your collection the way you would want to do it. It offers simple tools to easily categorize and group together relevant videos, so you can sort your collection and instantly bring up the movies, episodes or personal videos that you want to see right now!
The Video Player You’ve Been Looking For in 2013!
MediaGalleryPro™ is more than a media player. It’s a collection of convenient tools accessed with an intuitive user interface.

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